5 tips for the best relationship with your housekeeper:

Updated: Jan 6

The relationship with the domestic worker is not at all likely to be overlooked in day-to-day development. Having a domestic employee is something for which many families choose in their objective to dedicate their free time to children, due to work incompatibility and for many other reasons, among which we cannot fail to consider the comfort that this provides.
The failure of having a housemaid is usually caused by the lack of communication between both parties and this is something that is easy to avoid. Leaving aside the selection process and focusing on the first day with the domestic employee, today we provide you with 5 useful tips so that the relationship with the domestic employee is optimal.

5 tips for the best relationship with your housekeeper:

1. Be the guide the first days:
The relationship with your domestic worker is born the day the person comes to your home to do her work. As a "first-time" who is this person and as the owner of the home that you are, it is necessary to set guidelines for action.
You must explain what jobs you want him to do, with what products, and in what way in case you especially require this modus operandi. If you don't check this script, the employee will hardly do things the way you want; no one can read your mind.

2. Avoid judging the first time of change:
There is a period of adaptation to each household according to the request of the employer that the domestic service must undergo, a period in which their productivity will not be exactly optimal, but which we must understand.

3. No to the role of the inspector:
In relation to the previous point, it is necessary to take into account that each person has specific skills for each task and it is possible that what makes one person a couple of hours, another will dispatch the work in half an hour less. In return, this time could be rewarded more effectively in other tasks.
If this happens, it is not advisable to impose any minimum or maximum time to perform the tasks if you want the employee to perform it optimally and above all, avoid reprimands.

4. Evaluate:
Instead of nagging, it is better to evaluate. Once a week, once a month, or whenever you consider appropriate, it can be advantageous to “sit down” with the employee and discuss things that can be improved as well as congratulate her on the things that she has really done efficiently and well.

5. Give in exchange for what you ask for:
Finally, materialize your effort in a pleasant attitude and gratitude. Respect the employee's breaks just as she respects your privacy and your special way of working.
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