According to an expert, there are several signs that you are doing something correctly as a parent.

01) Experts say these are signs that you're doing an excellent job as a parent.

When parents aren't sure if they're doing things right, they often worry. Here are 8 signs that show you're a great parent and don't need to worry.

02) Your child shows you a wide range of emotions when they are in front of you

If your child can show you his anger, sadness, or fear in front of you, that's a good sign that he feels safe with you. It is scary when kids don't tell their parents how they feel. It can be a big problem in a relationship between a child and their parents. It would help if you did not stop your child from talking about their feelings or making them feel bad. Pay attention to how they feel and praise them for doing that.

03) When your child has a problem, he comes to you to ask you for help.

It's great if you are the first person your child calls when they get into trouble. This means that you have built a safe place for your child to come when he needs help. Welcome your child with open arms and pay attention to what he says. When they have a problem, could you not make fun of or undervalue it? Even though it might seem small to you, it could be essential to them.

04) Your child can talk about what he thinks without fearing your reaction.

Your child should be able to tell you everything without worrying about how you will react. This is a sign that you have a good relationship with your child. Often parents act in ways that make it hard for them to talk to their children. For example, they might overreact to things that they don't like. As a parent, you should be able to accept your child's thoughts and feelings without making them about you.

05) In this case, your feedback is not critical.

Great parents don't criticise their kids and don't call them evil, naughty, greedy, or lazy. Try some easy ways to tell your kids that their behaviour is terrible, rather than telling them that they are wrong right away.

06) You help your child find things they like and are good at.

Children feel like they can do things when they work hard at things they like. It's great to be good at something you enjoy. In some cases, parents tell their kids what they want and need, which might not suit them. If the kids don't do well and their parents want them to do well, they have to deal with both disappointments simultaneously.

07) To keep your child safe, you set rules for how they should act.

An example of a good parent is that they set boundaries and limits for their child's behaviour. They are more likely to get into trouble if they have set rules and boundaries. Setting rules for kids helps them feel loved and important, even if they don't like rules at times. Having a bedtime routine, speaking respectfully to family members, and not letting teenagers go to parties where alcohol is served are some things that people have said.

08) You fix the things you did wrong.

If you tell or overreact to your child, it's essential to make up for your damage. Tell your child how you wish that you had done things a different way.

Successful parenting is about ensuring your child has a safe place to grow up. This becomes a place where your child can thrive.

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