Are you leaving your kids with your maid alone - Things to take care of

Working parents can´t clone themselves and be at home while at work. As for 2020, no company came up with such technology. So, working moms and dads need to hire someone they trust to be with their children while they are working. This being said, choosing the right person for the task is hard but absolutely crucial. These are some tips so you can live with peace of mind Monday to Friday too.

Choose wisely

This is the first step to obtain that peace of mind you are looking for. Choosing the right person to stay with your kids is the first step in that direction. Here are our tips to help you.

The price tag is not an indicator

This is the first and most important thing to bear in mind: you can´t save money here. If you are in the need of cutting corners to make ends meet; cut anywhere else. Usually, good maids with great references cost a little more than those starting out. That money difference will make a true difference in your children´s lives.

Call the references in the resume

Usually, nobody calls the references in a resume, but in this case, is a definite must. References have to be real and you have to be able to double-check them with other happy parents. Don´t settle with the first impression, ask a lot until you are completely sure. Peace of mind is important when leaving your kids alone with the maid.

Trust your gut during interviews

Sometimes humans have the feeling that “there´s something that´s not right” in the guts. This is not magic, it´s our brain activating sensors of alert because a combination of details called our attention. This can be a combination of gaze, tone of voice, smile, and more. Our brain is great at picking up combinations. Trust your gut and earn peace of mind; if you hire that person anyway, that feeling will come to your head when you´re in the office.

Do not assume she knows: explain everything

Set clear rules from the beginning. You´re going to have someone living at your house, so don´t assume anything, not even the smallest or the simplest. The clearer the rules, the easier it is for her to follow them. Clear rules are a win-win situation.

The symptoms in your children

Once you made the right decision about the maid, it is time to pay even closer attention to your children. Check especially for these symptoms that indicate abuse and mistreating.

An explanation for all bruises

Every bruise you find in your children must have a good explanation. Follow up on them.

Changes in behavior

If your children suddenly change their behavior from smiley and calm to angry, follow up with professionals.

The helper wants to change him or her exclusively

This can be a definite symptom of abuse; pay very close attention to it.

There´s tension when the helper approaches

If you sense tension instead of tranquility and joy when the maid approaches your children; that is a sign of problems. Follow up on this.


Leaving a maid with your children at home while you are at work is a must for some moms and dads. It can be an opportunity for them to be with a wonderful person with whom to learn and play. Make sure that is the case following the above tips and you´ll achieve the peace of mind we all look for.

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