Benefits of hiring domestic employees or a housemaid:

Having the help of a domestic worker in housework and child care is the best solution to be able to enjoy more quality time, a clean house, and some other advantages that, perhaps, you have not yet realized. posed.

A housemaid or domestic employee provides several services to a house or a family. Having a maid to take care of your household tasks lets you have the opportunity to do other activities. Let’s find out several other benefits of hiring a domestic worker.

Discover all the benefits of hiring a domestic worker:

The advantages of correctly hiring our domestic workers not only translate into an increase in quality of life for both parties, but it can also bring us some important economic advantages.

An always clean home, fewer worries:

If you have little time, why spend it cleaning the house if you can count on help. The best thing is to have a domestic worker who will dedicate the necessary time to you.

Leave it to the professionals:

Housemaids spend their entire working day cleaning. They have experience and know techniques to be more efficient and achieve better results in less time.

In addition to experience, the assistants know specific cleaning products for certain tasks, thus achieving the best results.

Professional housekeepers can even create a personalized cleaning plan with you. They determine the specific needs of your home, how often it would be convenient to do each task and how much time it would take to carry it out in the most efficient way possible.

When do you need it?

The possibilities of hiring domestic workers are very wide and adapt perfectly to the needs of each household. You can hire an assistant on a timely basis to do deep cleaning, one day a week for a few hours or every day. You make the guidelines according to the particular needs of the family.

Greater security:

Having your domestic employee registered with Social Security, in the event of an occupational accident at home, the worker has medical coverage (also in the event of temporary and permanent disability caused by the accident). Both parties are sure that they know the obligations and rights agreed for each employment relationship. Besides, having an unregistered service means risking significant fines.

Tax relief for hiring domestic employees:

Some communities apply a deduction in the income statement, with a certain amount paid by the employer to Social Security corresponding to the annual contribution of a domestic employee.

Contribution incentives for hiring domestic employees:

Employers who have hired and registered a domestic employee in the government will receive a certain amount of reduction in the Social Security contribution.

And good news for large families, since this reduction will be extended with a bonus, provided that the services provided by the worker consist exclusively of the care or attention of the members of said large family and those who live in the home.

Thus, there are several additional benefits to hiring a housemaid for your home. It is a safe and cost-effective way to keep your house neat all year round. - No.1 Maid Agency In Singapore | Trusted | Reliable

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