Children with toxic parents fall into several categories.

Types of kids who have bad parents
When children are babies, they don't come with built-in excellent or bad personalities. They are raised and cared for in a certain way, and that way of being will show up in how they treat other people.

1) A child grows up may be different depending on how their parents or family raised them. Some things about them may or may not be good or bad, but they may show how they raised them in a bad environment. Here are the types of kids raised by people who aren't good for them.

2) The naughty or troubled child
Having toxic parents around can lead to a toxic, troubled child who loses track of their goals and wants to misbehave. They are often disruptive, aggressive, and defensive when they belong to this group of kids. They don't like to listen, don't have any faith in anyone, and most likely won't be trustworthy. Even though they may look rough and robust, they're very fragile inside. That's why they build this layer around themselves to keep themselves safe. Those kids need extra attention, and they don't want to be lectured and criticised. They want to be heard and appreciated instead.

03) The child who is mature and responsible
A child who grows up with a bad parent doesn't always become a troublemaker. A toxic parent doesn't always mean someone who isn't paying attention or isn't close. A pushover is also a parent who is too critical of their kids. As a result, their children become competitive and mature because they're critical, don't know how to set boundaries, and don't like when their kids do well. They're afraid of being judged that they try their best at everything.

04) The "good kid," the person who doesn't speak.
A child who doesn't listen well to their parents might become lost and silent. They don't want to be seen by their parents or family because they don't want to be picked on. Rarely will they get into trouble? It's not that they don't care about what's going on in their family, but they learn how to deal with things independently. Because they're not great with words, they're more creative than most people, almost like a dreamer. Such kids are often praised for being good listeners, well-behaved, and less likely to break the rules.

5) Fun, but a little afraid: This is the fifth kid.
Children can be a lot of fun. But even people who have bad parents can sometimes be happy. It will be the same for them as long as they don't get too nervous or think they're not good enough. Most kids who belong to this group are good at hiding their true feelings from the people around them. Cracking jokes and being clever even when they're under a lot of stress and pressure at home is how they try to break the ice. In the inside storm, they're having a hard time with their minds. These groups of kids are too nice to people and find it hard to talk about their problems with other people. Instead, they put on a mask of laughter and smiles to hide their faces.

06) Who is the actor?
Pretending: Children who have parents who are addicts or have a bad lifestyle are like that. They make it look like everything is fine on their side. They try to make up a storey completely different from their reality, one that they wish they could have but don't have. A well-off family is shown to be supportive, loving, and caring on the surface. But in the real world, everything is falling apart. These kids need people who can understand them and listen to them even when they don't speak.

Somehow, over time, a child's mind will be changed by a toxic parent and their family.

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