COVID-19 Precautions - Things To Discuss With Your Maid

Singapore, like the rest of the world, is continuing its vigil to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic does not spiral out of control. With normalcy being restored to the country in June, there were apprehensions that maids, getting together on their off days, may pick up and spread the virus. But, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has officially said that maids are fully entitled to meet each other on their off days. In the interests of the safety and well-being of both employers and employees, here are some things to discuss with your maid.

Offer to help them make their remittances online

It is seen that many of the maids who come to Lucky Plaza, City Plaza, or Peninsula Plaza on Sundays are there to remit money for their families abroad. This is of course a prime area of concern for them. It would make them feel safer and cared for if you offer to help them make their remittances online. This can save them an avoidable trip into the crowds and keep the entire family safe.

Consider delivery options wherever possible

It is seen that maids often step out for errands like grocery shopping. Try to arrange for online deliveries wherever possible so that unnecessary social contact is avoided. Discuss precautions to be taken when interacting with the delivery person.

Give them necessary safety instructions

Where is it absolutely essential for them to step out, for instance, to pick up children from school, ensure that they have good quality masks and gloves too, if necessary. Have hand sanitizers on the ready near the door and repeat the necessity of using it every time they step back into the house. Also, give clear instructions about safe care for clothes worn outside. An important aspect is to limit interaction with anyone in the household until they have sanitized and changed their clothes.

Consider giving them an alternate day off

Always remember that your domestic help also craves companionship and needs a change from their domestic routine every now and then. So even if you take care of all their needs online, they still need to go out and meet their friends to relax and have some fun. Consider giving them an off day on some other day than Sunday so that they will be exposed to fewer crowds. Just ask them to follow social distancing and take necessary safety precautions on stepping back into the house.

Comfort them and address their fears

Always share necessary news about the current developments with your domestic help so that they don’t get unnecessarily anxious. Ask them to share their doubts and concerns so that you can help them understand the proper facts.

Remember that your helper is also battling loneliness and the stress of not being able to meet their families for a long time. The most important thing in these testing times is to be kind and considerate. Employers and employees should stand by each other to overcome this global crisis.

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