Creating A Chore Chart For Your Maid

The stepping-stone to a great relationship with your maid is to be transparent about your expectations. At the time of hiring, you would have entered into an agreement about what you are hiring them for – housekeeping, cooking, and/or looking after children or elderly family members. Breaking these down into a weekly chore chart that clearly explains the tasks required to be done each day, makes it more manageable for both you and the maid. This also eliminates the possibility of their being taken by surprise when you ask them to do something. Here are the steps you need to take to implement a chore chart:

Clear definition of tasks

Always take the maid into confidence when putting tasks in the chore chart. This will help them feel you are taking their comfort into consideration. If your maid cooks for you, then try to come up with a weekly menu together. This will not only give both of you an idea about the cooking time required each day, but it will also alert you to any grocery shopping that is required.

Proper division of work per day

If dinner on a particular day requires extra effort, try to avoid other heavy tasks that day. When you look at each day, the tasks should be such that the maid is able to comfortably carry out her duties without feeling overwhelmed. If you have a preferred day to order take-out rather than cook dinner, maybe that is the day you could put down for vacuuming.

Clarity on work time and rest time

When setting up the chore chart, make sure that the tasks are not planned in a way that the maid gets no rest at all. Make sure to factor insufficient time for each job so that she does not get stressed out trying to get everything done. And the chore chart must definitely remain empty on her day off.

Spreading out difficult tasks over the week

Your apartment needs a thorough cleaning each week. But not everything needs to be cleaned every day! Work out what needs to be done on a daily basis, what can be done on alternate days, and what needs to be done only once a week. Putting all of these down will ensure nothing is missed and that everything gets done routinely each week.

Be flexible

While the chore chart is a great tool to ensure that all your expectations are met, do consider your maid’s convenience also when required. If she is not feeling up to a task on a particular day, allow her to do it on another day. If she wants to swap things around for a few days, let her do so.

Polite and clear communication is crucial to having a great relationship with your domestic help. And a chore chart clearly mapped out and put up in a visible area of the kitchen, is a fantastic way of making sure of that.

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