Do not say any of the following seven things to your child at the dinner table.

Avoid saying these words!

We all want our kids to eat food that is good for them. Make sure the child has a taste for different types of food so that they can enjoy it. The goal is to make the child healthy. Isn't it important that you say something at the dinner table? The words you say at mealtimes have a big impact on how your child grows, say experts and doctors. You don't want to send the wrong message.

So, here are seven things you should never say.

"You can have dessert if you finish your vegetables"

Make these kinds of statements to make healthy food seem disgusting and less appealing than dessert. This makes the healthy food seem less appealing than the dessert. When someone says, "Children are crazy about desserts," that isn't what they mean. You shouldn't reward someone with food or punish them by not giving them food. Whether or not someone ate a lot of vegetables for dinner isn't important. Dessert should be served after dinner. If your child wants to eat only dessert and no food, you can limit their dessert intake, but only a few times a week.

"You're so picky"

It's wrong to call your child a picky eater or say this out loud. A new thing will make them think about how they will like it, which will make them less likely to try it.

"Take a few more bites of your food"

Even if you think your child hasn't eaten much, don't try to make them eat more. It is not good to make kids eat more, but it is very bad. if your child is hungry, he'll eat food by itself. To teach them how to deal with hunger, let your child decide how much to eat.

"You wouldn't like it"

Let them have the dish if they want it even though they don't like cabbage. Never stop them from giving it a try. People should let them make their own decisions, because it is good for them. If they don't like it, they won't have it from now on.

"Try this, it's good!

Never make them have something they don't want. Many children don't like the one-bite rule because they don't want to try new foods. This can even make things a little tense at the dinner table, and you don't want that.

"It's good that you ate all of your food"

To praise your child after they finish their food is normal. But this teaches them that how much food they have is more important than how hungry they are. They will always try to eat their food even if they don't want to. To teach them to pay attention to their stomach, show them how.

"Look at your sister, she's done with her food"

You should not compare your child to their brother or sister. Your child might start to feel like they aren't as good as their brother or sister, which could cause a fight between them.

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