Does Your Maid Go Out Frequently? Follow These 5 Tips To Stay Safe During COVID 19

Life cannot come to a standstill even during a pandemic. There is still work to be done, chores to be completed, and grocery shopping that needs to be done. If you depend on your maid to step out of the house frequently for any errands, it is important to take safety precautions. Adequate caution will ensure that all members of the household, including the maid, stay safe. Here are 5 tips to follow while COVID 19 continues to be a threat.

Make sure she has necessary safety gear

Ensure a supply of clean and effective masks for your maid. Repeatedly remind her of the need to wash a mask worn once before reusing. Giving her a sufficient number of masks can ensure she has time to wash and dry each one before reusing. Also, make sure she carries hand sanitiser in her bag to frequently clean her hands while out of the home.

Only pre-discussed destinations

Having clear communication with the maid and reminding her of the risks of infection in crowded places is a simple way to make sure she only goes to pre-approved destinations. Try and club tasks like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning together so she can avoid multiple trips.

Interacting with others

If your maid is visiting friends or making a trip to the mall, remind her about the need for maintaining physical distance and wearing her mask at all times. Before entering the house, she should sanitise her hands. Once inside, she should not come in contact with any family members until she has changed and sanitised herself.

Rigorous hygiene standards

Whether it is sanitising groceries or surfaces, make sure there is no break in your caution. It would be a good idea for the maid to wear a mask while cooking and serving. This is also important while caring for the elderly or little children. In instances where physical distancing is not possible, the mask can give a certain level of protection from the infectious virus.

Assure her of your support

In case of any symptoms or illness on part of the maid, be sure to extend your support just like you would for a family member. In times of a pandemic, it is not easy for anyone to be isolated and away from family. Understanding this and being supportive can go a great way in fostering the most caring relationship between the employer and employee.

These precautions are especially important to discuss and implement if you have hired a new maid after the pandemic or if your maid has just returned to work.

Your maid is a part of your household. Remember that risk factors are shared by all members of the family. So it is essential that all family members uphold the same standards of hygiene and precaution that you are asking of her.

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