Hire domestic service for the elderly:

Older people usually cannot perform the same tasks they did before, or the effort involved is very great and tires them excessively. At this age, people seek to feel useful and that they are still capable of doing many things. But it is also true that they are more prone to joint injuries. For this reason, domestic service for the elderly contributes a lot to their quality of life.

Usually, services for older people who do not have special needs are developed by the same person. This caregiver can be responsible for preparing meals, cleaning, running errands, and accompanying.

We take care of selecting caregivers for the elderly, verifying titles and their experience, checking references. In addition, we carry out a very rigorous interview with the candidates, so that we make sure to find the ideal fit for the person to attend.

What tasks might older people need help with?

As we have mentioned, older people can get tired faster when performing different tasks, and a little help with them can go a long way, greatly increasing their quality of life and giving them more time and energy for what interests them most.


Cleaning the home provides a great quality of life and well-being for the person, but older adults may have less strength or mobility, which can cause more injuries when cleaning high surfaces or floors that can slip.

Meal preparation:

There are older people who do not know how to cook or for any reason cannot do so and having someone to cook for them is essential for proper nutrition. We are not only looking for profiles who know how to cook, but who can also prepare traditional Spanish dishes so that the person we serve eats as she has always done.

Shopping and errands:

Although supermarket shopping online is becoming more frequent, older people are not used to using this type of channel. So, being able to count on a person who makes purchases at the supermarket or pharmacy, as well as occasional errands, can be of great help and save a lot of time and energy to our elders.

Accompaniment and walks:

Sometimes just being able to have the company of another person with whom to do different activities, walk or talk can be a great help. Above all, in the case of those older people who are alone, loneliness can be detrimental on a mental and emotional level for everyone, but especially for older people.

Despite having a person to help and support them in whatever is necessary, it is important for older people to maintain their autonomy as much as possible so that they continue to feel as useful and independent as possible.

For this reason, the person in charge of care must allow the person being cared for to continue carrying out those tasks that he or she can carry out without excessive effort, or even help with some simple tasks in the kitchen or tidying the house.

Carrying out these types of activities will help the older person continue to feel useful and will improve their general well-being.

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