Hiring A Maid Of Your Own Ethnicity Makes Life Easier – Here’s Why

Having help, to run your home is a matter of relief as well as anxiety for many householders. On the one hand, they get some much-needed respite from the pressures of managing jobs, children, and/or elderly family members and on the other hand, they feel burdened by the presence of a stranger amidst the family. One of the best ways to manage this anxiety is by hiring a maid who is of your own ethnicity.

It may seem like this is not a very important consideration but look at these reasons why your life will be much smoother if you hire a maid who shares your ethnic background.


This is of course a prime reason. It takes away the difficulty of having to emphasize each word you say just to make sure nothing is lost in translation. By having a maid who understands your language, you can be sure that communication is smooth and clear for both parties concerned. This will also make it easier for children or the elderly to communicate their needs to the maid.


Very often, employers feel disheartened by the fact that their hired help does not seem to get their food right. However much you may explain or teach, there is a difference between cooking dishes they are already familiar with – and probably cook in their own homes – and acquiring a new understanding of dishes not familiar to them. Someone from your own background will find it easy to understand your culinary preferences.

Cultural aspects

You may have a particular preference for something you consider auspicious or maybe would like a traditional dish on a festival day. A maid who shares your culture will know these things beforehand. What a relief it will be to see things done exactly as would have wished, on a special day!


A domestic help who lives in your household is someone you need to have a great level of comfort with. If you find their ways strange, it will create an atmosphere of discomfort. It will be easier to have a bond with someone whose background you understand. You can talk to them about shared interests or culture to make them feel more welcome and at home.


It is only human nature to be slightly uncomfortable around strangers. You would definitely feel more comfortable leaving your kids with someone you can trust and trust is easier with someone you understand well. This feeling of security is a prime reason to hire someone of your own ethnicity.

Now all you need to do is ensure that you fit the criteria for employing domestic help and that the agency you approach has the necessary license to provide you with one.

Having domestic help is meant to make your life easier. When hiring, go ahead and put in a request for someone who shares your ethnic background. This will make for a great working relationship for both you and the helper.

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