Housekeeping Benefits: Why hire a domestic professional?

Updated: Jan 6

We live in times characterized by a lack of time for everything and an overabundance of chores, which often causes us stress, anxiety, and a desperate feeling of not being able to cope with the many tasks that accumulate. That is why we talk about the many benefits of domestic workers: professionals with the background of knowledge to help us with housework, and thereby unload ourselves from such duties.

But those many and varied benefits of domestic workers are not limited to that, but go much further: tax benefits, for example. Let's see what is the role of a professional domestic professional and what are the benefits of this employment relationship entail from the two terms involved.

What is the role of a domestic professional?
A professional domestic involves cleaning and maintenance of commercial as well as residential premises that include hospitals, malls, industrial premises, corporate offices, IT parks, and educational institutions.
Benefits from the employer's perspective:
From the particular perspective of the employer and her specific interests, hiring a domestic worker carries several benefits:

- For now, it gets rid of household chores, so we no longer have to worry about them.
- In addition, it can keep the company of our loved ones and take care of them when we cannot be at home.
- Also the contract with the domestic employee, depending on its seniority, may entail fiscal and tax advantages, and save us a considerable percentage of the fee to be contributed by the employer in social security.

These are the main advantages, but there are others more. In any case, the domestic worker is a very important support to make our day-to-day more bearable.
Benefits from the employee's perspective:
There are also benefits from this perspective since the legal system ensures decent working conditions for the domestic worker and tends to meet her most pressing needs.

- They are guaranteed a minimum interprofessional salary with which to be able to pay at least a series of basic needs, and which is established annually by the Council of Ministers.

- Likewise, they are guaranteed a rest regime of 36 hours per week without interruption. Also, a system of vacations, days off and leave, in which case they may cover emergency personal and family situations such as maternity, breastfeeding, etc.

- Likewise, they are guaranteed a sick leave regime, to cover, for example, accidents, illnesses, and other mishaps and situations for which the worker cannot eventually attend her position. In these specific cases, it must also be borne in mind that home service contracting companies can provide a substitute absolutely immediately and without delay.

- Retirement, of course. The years worked will count to provide the worker with a dignified retirement when, due to her advanced age, it is no longer recommended that she continue to exercise her profession.

In this way, there are multiple benefits to hiring a domestic professional for your residential or commercial premises. If you are looking for a professional and experienced cleaning service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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