How Personal Should You be With Your Maid? Setting Boundaries for Privacy

A maid is a necessity in present lifestyles where a person may not be able to handle multiple responsibilities on their own. Maids bring in order and security into your life by ensuring your home is run smoothly and efficiently. They become a part of your household, often working for long periods for the same family. All this fosters a level of comfort and familiarity for both the employer and the maid. However, if either starts feeling like their privacy is compromised, it could lead to an uncomfortable atmosphere in the house. Which is why it is essential to set ground rules regarding personal boundaries right from the beginning.

What should you share?

It is important that the maid working for you knows all the basic information about the household. Where you work and what you do may be crucial for her to know in case of any emergency. Here are some important facts that your maid should definitely know:

Contact information

· Addresses and contact numbers for you and your spouse’s place of work.

· Any other contacts she can reach out to in case either of you is unavailable

· Your work pattern – what hours you are more likely to be free in case she has a non-urgent question

Timings and route maps

Initially, it will be necessary for you to take her yourself to places she is expected to go on her own – for instance, school to pick up the children or your preferred supermarket. Explain the best ways to get there and the timings. It would be a good idea to help her set alarms on her phone so that delays are avoided.

Health information

If anyone in the family has a health condition that she should know about, make sure to share. This is particularly important in the case of food allergies. If there are any ingredients that ought to be avoided in food, pin them up on the fridge to avoid complications.

Care for kids or the elderly

Let them have a basic idea of the way in which your children or parents like to be treated. This can avoid unpleasant interactions between them.

What you need not share

Keep information like your financial situation to yourself. You need not indulge in an unwanted curiosity about visitors to your household or any tension between family members.

If you wish your maid to stay out of household affairs like disciplining your children or their choice of outfits, you can say so at the outset.

Respect her privacy too

While protecting your own privacy, remember also to respect hers. Do not ask for more information about her personal life than she is willing to share. Do not offer advice on her home or family matters unless she asks for it. Do not try to enforce rules she is uncomfortable with.

A healthy employer-maid relationship stems from mutual respect and consideration. At the end of the day what matters is a harmonious atmosphere in the household.

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