How To Effectively Manage Your To-Do List With Your Maid

COVID-19 outbreak has made it clear that managing household chores without a maid can be stressful. You should consider yourself lucky if you have a full-time maid who is sharing most of the burden of managing the house, however, not all maids are up to one’s expectations. Changing maids rapidly can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Also, managing new maids and adjusting to the new practices can be a tedious task for the entire family. Managing maids can be done effectively by following some of the basic tips as listed below.

Be Clear With Your Expectations

Managing domestic help can become a lot easier with open communication. Be clear about your priorities and expectations of the maid. Give simple and direct instructions on how you want things done to avoid bickering. Considering that maids come from a different background altogether, transparent communication of your personal preferences can come handy. Provide her with consistent feedback so she can work on her drawbacks.

Set Rules And Regulations

Give your maid direct guidelines of rules and regulations to be followed. Cultural differences might spark a conflict between you two, hence, setting boundaries is vital. For instance, set time limitations for watching TV or using the phone. Time regulations also result in better and speedy performance by the maid.

Let Her Rest

Managing a maid is mostly about how to get work done, however, it is imperative that you let her get full rest. Working non-stop from morning to night, your maid deserves a break during the day and a good 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Not letting her take proper rest can cause mental and physical stress. Make sure you provide your maid with a nutritious meal to boost her stamina. Additionally, try helping your maid by doing things that you can. Also, educate your children to manage their work without being fully dependent on the maid.

Don’t Lose Your Calm

Managing household chores and office work simultaneously can take a toll on your body but maintaining your calm is equally important. Any kind of abuse, physical or emotional, can hamper your maid’s well being. On the other hand, clearly communicating the differences will improve her performance. Also, teach your kids to address the maid properly and with respect.

Give Rewards

Yes, you might be paying a handsome salary to your maid, but rewarding her occasionally will boost her morale and motivate her to work efficiently. Giving rewards does not necessarily mean giving extra money. You can also appreciate her work by offering a day’s off or getting her new clothes. Getting rewarded for hard work can make your help more productive and well organized.

Adjusting with a maid is like adjusting to the new member of the family. Rather than rapidly replacing a maid one after another, it is advisable to stick with one maid for easier management. Following these steps, you can easily manage your household chores and a maid like a pro.

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