Important aspects of hiring a cleaning service:

Any professional office cleaning service must offer values ​​such as responsibility, commitment, trust, innovation towards its clients. The value and concept of cleanliness are as broad as opinions to be had. Although if it is necessary to order some questions according to our service criteria.

Hiring an adequate cleaning service reduces work absenteeism:

A workplace lacking basic sanitation measures can become a center for the spread of infectious diseases and consequently increase absenteeism rates among employees.

Every cleaning company with the use of adequate means and resources must establish a work protocol whose objective is to reduce the risks of cross-contamination between the employees of its client, focusing their attention on sensitive areas and elements.

Nowadays and thanks to the active oxidation technology, and specifically to the photocatalysis with titanium dioxide, it is quite easy and accessible to obtain the purification and disinfection of rooms, with an efficiency superior to other methods.

Revalue the value of your assets:

With a long-term view, you save money. Cleaning plays an important role in extending asset lifecycles and increasing return on investment by protecting and extending the useful life of your assets, such as flooring, wallcovering, furniture, and accessories in general.

With the implementation of proper maintenance, the usefulness of many more years of these assets will be achieved, which are sure to be expensive to replace.

We have seen many floors, furniture, and elements in a poor state of repair due to the lack of responsibility of the contractors, the incorrect use of inappropriate chemicals, or aggressive tools, causing resounding aesthetic damage.

A responsible cleaning service will provide the appropriate solutions to keep those surfaces and elements in which the client puts in their hands in perfect aesthetic and use condition.

Nano applications are giving extraordinary results, in terms of the concept of nanotechnological coatings or surfaces to be treated, such as in the protection of ceramic or glass substrates that avoid the adhesion of dirt and the re-soiling of the support.

Either on textiles creating surfaces that repel accidental spills of any liquid or on metals, restoring their splendor as well as protecting them from deterioration or corrosion.

With very significant added advantages such as cost savings in labor, and energy savings in addition to revaluing the equity value of your assets.

Improve employee morale, increase productivity:

A sloppy office in hygiene concepts can be demotivating and actually hampers the quality of work and in all likelihood will affect employee morale.

Employees always perform better when working in a clean and optimally maintained environment, with the creation of a healthy environment, users will feel esteemed, protected by the management of the company.

A cleaning service committed to its clients must add value in promoting health, safety, and well-being in the work centers where it provides its services. Through the great potential that we have to avoid negative environmental impacts and all this through the identification, dissemination, and awareness of the concept of sanitation.

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