Maid For Mom And Dad

Remember when you were little, how your Mom used to fix your bed, and clean the house to sparkle, and wash the dishes, and comfort you when you were sad, and … And remember how your Dad used to fix things around the house, and cook (at least my Paps used to cook), and help you out with your homework.

Well, a part of life is growing old. This is associated with decreased ability to do the things which used to be easily accomplished in the younger days. It is the same with your parents. Sadly, we do not have the time to be there for them, as they were there for us when we were little. We have the next generation to think about. However, we can give some of the care we received back to them, by hiring a maid.

What Do They Need?

Carefully consider what help your parents will need. Maybe it is just the cleaning. Or maybe they need help with getting the groceries. Then again, they may need someone to help them sort out the meds they are taking or tackle the tech gadgets for monitoring their blood pressure or blood sugar. Could be that they need some help with the cooking. Whatever the case – get the job description right and communicate it with us. We will find the maid who best suits the needs of your folks.

The Perfect Present

Grow your idea in them. Sometimes our parents do not want to accept that they are getting older and that they may need help around the house. Then again many times they will not want to burden us with unnecessary expenses. In the times of their youth, maids were employed only by very wealthy individuals.

For our modest parents hiring a maid may seem exaggerated. You have to get your idea across to them and make them comfortable with the idea that they will have an external person at home. Work with them. Make them feel comfortable with the idea, or at least not to be resentful.

Then you can use the pretext of a Birthday or Christmas present, in order to save face. Just don’t ask us to put your maid in a box.

Get the Chemistry Right

You can call it chemistry, or vibes, or what have you. As they will be spending time together this is an important step. Arrange for an interview with our proposed maid. Have a cup of tea. Talk about the weather. Discuss your needs. Find the perfect companion for your parents.

A Friend

It is true that you will be hiring a maid. It is true that your maid will follow closely the list of tasks which you have set up. However, there is one hidden benefit to hiring a maid for your parents. You are actually finding a new friend for them. A friend who will fill some gap in their social life. A friend, who will be there, when you may have to stay longer in the office or be with your kids.

Make these steps and give back some of the care to your Mom and Dad.

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