Maid Retention Tips For Every Employer

While choosing to hire a maid for your house, there are a lot of thoughts and factors you put into it. This is necessary because you are choosing a housemaid who you expect to be around your family and help with running your home. While you put enough thought into this, it is equally important to look into ways to retain your housemaid for a longer period of time if you appreciate their service and want to continue. Below is a mini-guide to retaining your housemaid; we have picked out these tips that can be extremely useful for you.

Being Honest Is The Key- Write It All Down

It is best to put into writing your expectations from your housemaid. And why is that? Sometimes there might be a communication gap. Writing your expectations down with profound details will help you include everything you need to say. You can just share this writing with them and even sit with them to discuss it, in case they find it difficult to understand. This will also help them keep a check on their daily tasks, they can always refer to your writing.

Request Honesty From Them About What They Cannot Do

You cannot expect a housemaid to do everything you want, but at the same time, it is important that they communicate what they cannot do. Often they might be intimidated to talk about it for several reasons. Ask them to be honest about why they can't do what is expected from them. Let them give their reasons because maybe it is something you can fix, for example by giving them more time or cleaning supplies or just mere knowledge of the work.

Bring Out Examples Wherever Necessary

Sometimes your housemaids may not understand that they are doing something wrong or not reaching up to your expectations. Instead of talking to them vaguely of what they are not doing, bring up examples from their work, of whatever has been done wrong or incorrectly. This will help you keep the communication healthy and also help them understand where they can improve.

Ask Their Opinion About Additional Help

It is possible that your housemaid may not be able to do everything you ask for, and that is not entirely their fault. Maybe, you are expecting too much from them, but again that is not wrong as you want the work to get done. Talk about this to your housemaid and ask them about their opinion about hiring additional help for things that they cannot cover, if you want extra help, that is. This will help them feel relaxed and will be more honest with you.

Be Clear About Your Priorities With Your Housemaid

I think it is already clear that we are stressing on communication is the key. Well, it does not make sense to expect work from your housemaid without letting them know what you expect from them. And even within their duties, let them know what needs to be prioritised. The more systematic your instructions are, the easier it will be for them to understand and give their best service.

In short, you will know when you need your housemaid to stay longer. But we understand that there might be a few things you want to clear first with them. As we mentioned earlier, make sure you communicate with them in the right manner. Doing this will definitely help you maintain that professional relationship with them.

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