Professional cleaning services in restaurants:

The modernization process carried out by our country in recent decades around the world of cooking and the new epidemiological situation that we are currently experiencing has caused a radical transformation in the hospitality sector.

The exhaustive control carried out to fight the coronavirus has meant an extreme cleaning and disinfection exercise in restaurants to guarantee everyone's safety and improve services.

Therefore, restaurants and other places dedicated to providing meals to the public, including catering companies, have to take the issue of cleaning their businesses as essential. Hygiene must be carried out professionally and designed according to the peculiarities of the different activities involved.

Professionals and cleaning materials:

To begin with, you have to take care of the issue of the suppliers of the raw materials with which you are going to work. We must demand that they all arrive manufactured in optimal health conditions. Sealing and labeling corresponding to each type of product must be required.

For our part, we must clean and disinfect storage spaces, including control services for possible pests of insects or other animals. This contributes not only to a hygienic workspace for employees but also to customer satisfaction.

Personnel handling these products must dress appropriately. It is best to wear white clothing and flat rubber-soled shoes, in addition to wearing your hair up to avoid organic contamination.

Kitchen cleaning:

In the kitchen itself, it is essential that order and maximum cleanliness be maintained at all times. A surface may appear clean to the naked eye. However, it can become a source of food contamination by microorganisms. This is the reason why cross-contamination foodborne infections sometimes occur, which can occur even in the most prestigious restaurants.

A single oversight in cleaning and disinfecting a worktop can trigger a serious public health problem with irreparable consequences for the image and reputation of an establishment. With special attention to the garbage and waste containers. All kitchen equipment must be removable for easy cleaning. Better to choose non-porous materials for the surfaces.

Correct cleaning and disinfection practices in restaurants:

It is necessary to carry out certain practices for the correct cleaning and disinfection of work areas:

- The kitchen and the different rooms of the restaurant must be cleaned and disinfected after each service.

- Utensils, surfaces, equipment, etc… must be cleaned and disinfected as often as necessary to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.

- Prioritize cleaning equipment, utensils, etc., that have come into contact with food during service or use (splashes, used ovens, cutlery, etc.)

Advantages of cleaning and disinfection in restaurants:

The correct cleaning and disinfection of establishments imply great advantages for any business:

- Safeguard the health of your customers.

- Protect the health of workers.

- Improve food preservation.

- Avoid risks that may affect the reputation of the business.

- Improve the quality and perception of the food and the establishment.

- Increase positive recommendations on social networks, thus increasing brand awareness and reaching new potential customers.

- Reduce the cost associated with possible sick leave that has been infected in the workplace.

- Comply with the norms and standards set forth in the law.

- Contribute to savings by keeping track of cleaning and disinfection that will avoid spending on pest control. - No.1 Maid Agency In Singapore | Trusted | Reliable

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