The all-round professional cleaning services:

Since it is profitable for many companies to hire a cleaning service that cleans everything, we offer an all-around cleaning service package for companies. The package combines the most important cleaning services and individually adapts them to the specific needs of your industry or company.

In this way, we can guarantee reliable cleanliness at a fair price. This package is equivalent to a maintenance cleaning and takes place at regular intervals. You can decide how often our cleaners do their work. You can choose between a daily, a weekly, or a monthly interval. Cleaning services include:

- Office & maintenance cleaning

- Dirt mat cleaning

- Grounds maintenance

- Winter service

- Facade cleaning

- Upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning

- Practice cleaning

Building cleaning:

Professional building cleaning includes the thorough cleaning of offices, medical facilities, and stairwells. The scope and frequency of this cleaning can be individually tailored to your needs.

We carry out the cleaning at regular intervals, this can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Our building cleaning includes several different areas, carpet and upholstery cleaning, disinfection and medical cleaning for practices, floor sealing, and finally a basic cleaning.

The basic cleaning creates the basis for all special cleaning because the coarse dirt has to be removed first. Floor sealing is particularly recommended for companies that do not have carpeted floors. This protects your floor against wear and tear and dirt in the long term, thereby increasing the longevity and appearance of the floor.

Swimming pool cleaning:

All generations from young to old can be found in public swimming pools. For the cleaning to proceed properly, it is advisable to hire a professional cleaning company that is experienced in this area. Unlike maintenance and sanitary cleaning, there are additional things to consider when cleaning the swimming pool.

Façade cleaning:

It is not uncommon for people to come across graffiti while taking a walk, exploring a new environment or even in everyday life, or driving past it in the car or on the motorway. It depends on the environment where wall surfaces are sprayed with bright colors. Where in some parts of the city not a single one can be seen far and wide, graffiti is more common in other areas...

Building cleaning:

Especially when the containers are needed on construction sites for a long time, they are in daily use, which means that heavy soiling is also noticeable in the interior. All the dirt from outside is transported inside and settles in the fibers of carpets, among other things. The dirt consists in part of the materials and raw materials used in construction.

High-quality cleaning work:

As a cleaning service with many years of experience, we know that some rooms have particularly high demands for competent cleaning. Hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom and kitchen play a decisive role in both private households and office buildings.

With our service, you have a professional cleaning company at your disposal. Of course, we clean your household with the most-gentle cleaning agents to protect your health. Our cleaners are available to answer any questions you may have about our materials or procedures.

As a reliable partner for professional cleaning, we would be happy to make you an individual offer. - No.1 Maid Agency In Singapore | Trusted | Reliable

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