The cleaning contract to formalize the services of the cleaning company:

Many business executives bring in cleaning companies to save employees these tedious tasks that will waste valuable time. But then why use a cleaning company and what is the cleaning contract to formalize the services of the cleaning company?

Cleaning companies: powers and operation:

A cleaning company is a specialist in hygiene and cleanliness. It thus undertakes to clean all places, objects, and miscellaneous items by strict rules, as stipulated in its specifications, so as not to damage the objects and thus compromise its role.

Who can contact a cleaning company? This intervenes as well with individuals, communities, stores, various establishments (school, church…) as with small or large firms and companies. It cleans floors, walls, parquet floors, ceilings, windows and windows, toilets, carpets, rugs and furniture, and even household linens.

As in all areas, a cleaning contract may be necessary when hiring a cleaning company.

The cleaning contract for private individuals: its real utility:

The most numerous cleaning companies today offer a wide range of cleaning and housekeeping services. As soon as you contact this kind of company. However, and you agree to a commitment for the cleaning of your home as an individual, it is essential to establish, in addition to the specifications, a real cleaning contract. A turn-on the subject.

The cleaning contract to formalize the services of the cleaning company:

As soon as a cleaning company commits to providing its services to you, the interventions must be formalized in a cleaning contract. This contract must therefore include all information related to the services provided, as well as the various conditions for their performance (the price of services, related services, intervention schedules, etc.).

In addition, the contract also aims to provide a framework for the relations between the private customer and the cleaning company involved. Particularly for the client, it defines with precision all the expectations about the services offered by the provider, as well as the work that must be carried out according to what has been agreed for the given rate.

In addition, the contract also defines all the obligations and guarantees that may be offered by the cleaning company and that it also undertakes to comply with during the validity of the contract.

The content of a private cleaning contract:

Generally, cleaning services for individuals include several services such as:

- Floor cleaning and maintenance

- Window cleaning, whatever the height

- Maintenance of green spaces

- Home cleaning and ironing

- Maintenance of high and difficult to access parts

Therefore, about your needs, the nature of the work to be carried out by the cleaning company must be clearly stated in the established contract.

It is important to note that the contract must specify the services requested. It should mention all the materials and products essential for the work. Also, the terms related to insurance and the various responsibilities of the cleaning company, the payments, without forgetting the closed for the duration, suspension and termination.

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