The housemaid - What is she and what functions does she perform?

Updated: Feb 3

The functions of a domestic worker do not necessarily have to be limited to what is typically thought about: washing, ironing, tidying the rooms, cooking, and little else. In reality, a housemaid can be much more useful to us, since she can help us with much more varied tasks.

However, it is essential to define what she is and what she is not a domestic worker, so as not to see ourselves stuck in various orchards and labyrinths with the law and with the understandable discomfort of the person we have employed.

What is a domestic worker?

Many tasks and little time - that could be the summary, from day to day, of any family.

And it is that there are many families that have a large number of tasks to do at home and lack of time and in that sense having the help of a domestic worker is the best solution to be able to enjoy a clean house, of time of quality and a series of services performed by a maid that we will present below.

There are many people who must turn to a domestic worker to solve that impossible tightrope balance between their personal and family life and their daily work and professional activities.

But what exactly is a domestic worker?

Well, it would be summed up as being that person who, residing or not in the workplace, performs cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, child care, gardening, animal care, and other household chores. The tasks of the domestic worker are legally regulated, so some tasks are excluded:

The care and assistance are provided by relatives, even if they are paid with exchanges and favors. It is what is legally known as concerted relations between relatives.

Therefore, marginal care relationships carried out by family members in exchange for maintenance, accommodation, or mere compensation for expenses incurred are also excluded.

None of these activities is considered included among the tasks of the domestic worker.

- Personal health care, including physiotherapy care.

- Professional caregivers who have been hired by institutions, whether public or private.

- Non-professional caregivers of people in a situation of dependency in their own home.

- Work that is done for reasons of benevolence, friendship, or good neighborly relations.

Services performed by a domestic worker:

The fundamental tasks that a domestic worker performs are based, above all, on cleaning and maintenance that is carried out in the home, encompassing these:

– Cleaning the rooms, kitchen, living rooms, etc. The proper management of household waste, as well as its disposal in the appropriate places.

– Washing clothes as well as cleaning the exterior areas of the house such as the garden, swimming pool, terrace, among others, if any.

– Clean the bathrooms as well as make beds, among others that the person you hire specifies.

But cleaning the home and its maintenance are not the only tasks that can be negotiated with these employees and they would be additional tasks.

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