Things to know about professional industrial cleaning services:

Industrial cleaning works are very specific maintenance interventions because they are not classic environments. Companies specializing in industrial cleaning have a higher level of qualification than agents of a company operating in the tertiary sector.

This difference is explained by the fact that the industrial field exposes to very specific and diverse risks, which require a very specific type of intervention and services and compliance with specific standards.

Professional industrial cleaning:

Cleaners are therefore exposed to more dangers (chemical risk, fire dust, asbestos, infections, or even at height) and must be able to work accordingly.

To deal with these constraints, professionals tended to provide an in-house service, but now many are turning to contact companies specializing in industrial cleaning to avoid dedicating a team to this purpose. This type of service is very specific and governed by intervention and safety protocols and standards that must be respected.

Getting in touch with a competent service provider is therefore essential, but not everyone is trained to intervene in all the many areas of the industry. The industrial world is indeed very vast since it brings together fields that have nothing in common, such as metallurgy, health, agri-food, fashion, IT, chemistry, or even the automotive and naval industries.

Industrial hygiene cleanliness:

Each of these areas requires the use of specific cleaning carried out by qualified, competent, and trained agents, assisted by suitable equipment and cleaning products. Each agent must be able to carry out his work without risk to the company or his health; he must be able to evolve in complete safety and in full knowledge of the risks to which he is exposed.

The cost of such a service varies whether you are in Paris or elsewhere in France, but is directly linked to the constraints of the environment in which the service provider operates and to the potential risks.

Several methods can be implemented:

- Surface cleaning: surface maintenance work must respect the work environment. Indeed, several techniques can be used and the cleaning products are variable.

- Dusting of surfaces: dusting is a particular action in the context of the industrial environment because it involves vacuuming the dust from machines and tools without risk of diffusion. Cleaners, therefore, use specific suction methods.

- Industrial suction and pumping: suction and pumping eliminate any liquid or product that needs to be removed. In addition, these techniques also make it possible to extract and absorb the washing water used for maintenance.

- High-pressure washing: this technique is preferred for the maintenance and washing of certain containers and containers such as storage tanks and silos.

- Cleaning of workshops and production lines: Several techniques and services are offered to ensure the cleaning of production tools while respecting the environment. Active foam, dry steam, hydrogen peroxide nebulization…

Contact and industrial cleaning quote:

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