What is a multi-service professional cleaning company?

There are a good number of cleaning companies. This post introduces you to one of them: the multi-service cleaning company

The multi-service cleaning company and its main services:

A cleaning company providing other services is a company primarily engaged in cleaning and maintenance of premises. This includes a wide range of maintenance services, intended to keep your premises clean and in good working order. Among the basic services of such a company are:

- Cleaning of private or professional premises,

- Cleaning of offices, buildings, apartments,

- Emptying garbage cans,

- Sanitation of sanitary facilities.

So, whether it is housekeeping, domestic, commercial, institutional, or industrial maintenance, rest assured that you will benefit from quality interventions, carried out by serious professionals and experienced in the task. For these different services, your cleaning company provides you with qualified and experienced staff; the objective being to offer you quality cleaning interventions.

Better still, your cleaning company with various services demonstrates unusual dynamism and flexibility, so that the services provided to you meet your expectations.

The advantages of a multi-service cleaning company:

What distinguishes a cleaning company with various services from a traditional cleaning company is the fact that it offers its customers interventions other than those related to the maintenance or cleaning of premises itself. The other services offered here are much more extensive and therefore give the company a certain versatility. In addition to cleaning, you can also benefit from:

- Building maintenance services,

- Moving furniture,

- Room painting services,

- Landscaping service, decorator

- Floral decoration,

- Management and installation of water fountains,

- Mail sorting,

- Preparation of meeting rooms, conference rooms,

- Cleaning of air conditioning,

- Disinfection

And if you have a specific service need other than the maintenance mentioned above, don't hesitate to speak to your multi-service cleaning company. They will undoubtedly be able to satisfy you, by being responsive and serious.

The private cleaning contract: its real utility:

The most numerous cleaning companies today offer a wide range of cleaning and housekeeping services. As soon as you contact this kind of company, however, and you agree to a commitment for the cleaning of your home as an individual, it is essential to establish. In addition to the specifications, a real cleaning contract.

The content of a private cleaning contract:

Generally, cleaning services for individuals include several services such as:

- Floor cleaning and maintenance

- Window cleaning, whatever the height

- Maintenance of green spaces

- Home cleaning and ironing

- Maintenance of high and difficult to access parts

About your needs, therefore, the nature of the work to be carried out by the cleaning company must be clearly stated in the established contract. It is important to note that the contract must specify with the services requested, all the materials and products essential for the work, the terms related to insurance and the various responsibilities of the cleaning company, the payments, not to mention the closed for the duration, suspension, and termination.

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