When should cleaning and maintenance be done?

The sooner the better. The recommendation is to do it progressively (check-ups should be done at least every 6 months) and not only when the damage is serious. This way we will solve small inconveniences before they represent bigger expenses and efforts.

It is important to start maintenance tasks from the age of 5, even if they are new houses and apartments. Painting is usually one of the first jobs, in addition to giving great value to aesthetics, it also improves hygiene.

To paint the house:

Then comes window and blind updates or kitchen and bathroom renovations. This higher-level maintenance is recommended from 10 to 15 years of age.

When they approach 20 years it is the turn of the facade and the interiors, update the home to design trends, make changes in materials and technological improvements.

Ways to do maintenance:

- Remove moisture from walls, ceilings, and floors: If the wall is smoked or damp, you have to find the source of the problem and solve it before it gets worse.

- Repainting every year, both the interior and the exterior, with suitable paint for humid spaces, is a good option to protect the places that usually present these problems, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Check if any ceramic is loose, find the reason for the imperfect and put it back. When the initial finishes of your home are done, remember to save at least one box of each type of ceramic used, it may be difficult to find the same model later.

- The forgotten details of the kitchen: Don't let the cabinet doors loosen, change the screws and hinges if necessary, this applies to all places in the house. How long have you not cleaned the top of your cabinets or that place where you keep your pots? Those spaces, which we hardly ever take into account, also need to be cleaned.

- Appliances and gas appliances are essential and, unfortunately, you notice it when they are no longer useful. Clean the filters in the hood, remove the burners from the stove and clean them, remove the remains of grease from the oven and microwave, check the faucets and the pipes of the dishwasher.

- Roof cleaning: stagnant water, leaks, humidity, clogged drains, accumulated dirt, worn tiles, etc. are the consequences of not spending time on the roof.

- Terraces or patios: if you have wooden floors, maintenance must be annual, with brushing and varnishing according to the specifications of the material. In this way, they will be like new for many years. You should also check that there are no insects that can pierce the wood, if so, use the necessary products to eliminate the plague.

If they are ceramic or tiles of another material, check that they are not detached to avoid accidents. Also, take the opportunity to do plant maintenance, especially if you have trees, remember to prune them so that there are no problems with cables and check the roots so they do not affect the floor.

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