Why call on specialists for window cleaning?

Window cleaning requires special equipment, such as scaffolding, ropes, or cradles. If the height of the windows to be cleaned is important or if they are difficult to access. Several risks are associated with this very technical cleaning: danger of falling, breakage of fragile glasses, etc.

Technicians trained in window cleaning master the safety rules and cleaning techniques. They are fast and efficient. Not all cleaning companies are equipped with the necessary equipment or skills for window cleaning, especially for high-rise buildings.

The profession of window cleaner:

The window cleaner is a professional window and mirror cleaning. It can work for individuals as well as for companies. Some specialize in cleaning windows at height.

There is no mandatory training to practice as a window cleaner. Most of the time, technicians are trained directly by the cleaning company. However, in some cases, additional qualifications are required.

What price for cleaning windows in your business?

Here is the list of criteria that influence the price of professional window cleaning:

- Height, size, and ease of access of the windows

- Type of panes (small or large panes)

- Interior or exterior glazing

- Regular window maintenance (if the addition of scrubbing before washing)

- Time of year (winter or summer)

- Rental of equipment: cranes, nacelles, scaffolding

- Products used: classic, ecological detergents or reverse osmosis water, etc.

- Frequency: a high frequency often makes it possible to lower the price per service

However, the price range for professional window cleaning is typical $ 20 to $ 100 per hour

Warehouse cleaning:

Warehouses must be kept clean at all times. However, warehouses for storing pharmaceutical or medical equipment, as well as perishable foodstuffs, must comply with stricter specifications in terms of hygiene.

Overall, the surfaces to be cleaned are:

- Floors with sweepers and scrubbers, without forgetting corners that are difficult to access to clean with more suitable equipment (manual washing or small scrubbers)

- Ceilings, vertical surfaces, lighting, professional equipment, and shelving with microfibers to remove dust

- Windows

- Pipes and ventilation systems

- Traces of oil or grease on the floor with suitable detergents

Business cleaning:

The cleanliness of a business is essential to attract and retain customers. In addition, some stores, such as food trades, must respect impeccable hygiene.

For this, the following cleanings are recommended:

- Washing and sweeping of floors, by manual washing or scrubber, depending on the surface

- Dusting of displays, using microfiber or disinfectant wipes

- Window cleaning by squeegee and damper or rope cleaning depending on the height

- Cleaning of fitting rooms, back rooms, or bathrooms

- Maintenance of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation

Medical cleaning:

Cleaning in a medical environment (hospital, doctor's office, or medical stores) includes specific cleaning and disinfection features.

A nosocomial infection is an infection caught by a patient following admission to a health facility. This could be directly due to treatment (infection during surgery, for example) or exposure to disease during hospitalization (virus).

In addition to the cleanliness of the premises, cleaning in a hospital environment, therefore, aims to prevent any contamination of a patient by a microbe, virus, or bacteria. Disinfection is therefore at the heart of the cleaning protocol.

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